Cyth Systems

How a headless commerce setup improves customer experience and prepares for the future today.

Cutting-Edge Instrumentation: Building For Tomorrow

Cyth Systems is a systems integration company specializing in automated test equipment (ATE), embedded controls, machine vision, industrial automation and engineering consulting. They are also a distributor of industry-leading instrumentation for the scientific community.

Being a provider of cutting-edge technology, Cyth Systems understands that the future of its business relies on improving its digital customer experience. Adding ecommerce is their priority, but automating workflows and building a commerce architecture that will grow with them is also critical to their growth.

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Craft Ideal Customer Experiences with Gesso

Meeting the new B2B buyer’s expectations while fulfilling enterprise business needs is complicated. 
Gesso removes that complexity by integrating the most critical functions of a company’s digital business: content and commerce.

The dual-core setup of BigCommerce and Drupal is a powerful combination that empowers Cyth's non-technical personnel to build and maintain an unrivalled customer experience

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Future-friendly functionality to replace an outdated website

Hampered by a website unable to provide online sales, Cyth Systems sought an ecommerce solution to meet their complex product and service needs. They knew they wanted to embrace a composable architecture with a decoupled solution to unite their tech stack, improving efficiency and reducing manual labour.

Original site

  • Built on Wix
  • No ecommerce
  • Manual, swivel-chair processes for order processing and content management
  • Limited content management capabilities with generic theming and design
  • Built with monolithic technology, making it not future-friendly

Discovery & Strategy

Finding the solution for now and the future

Sophisticated ecommerce functionality

  • Customers can call up previous orders and review their status, shipping info, and invoices. 
  • Filter by product group, industry, application, supplier, lifecycle, and availability (in stock/out of stock).
  • Ability to include downloadable product data sheets alongside the product description to provide engineers with technical specs.
  • Support SKU variations in connector or coating differences, and call up the new product. 
  • Accepts credit card payment OR purchase order upload with a partner integration.

Other needs

  • Improving workflows and uniting the separate silos in their tech stack
  • Integration of the ecommerce platform with other operational systems 
  • Adopting a future-proof composable architecture
  • Exceptional UX design 
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Cyth Systems Proposed architecture

Discovery & Strategy uncovered that BigCommerce would serve Cyth’s needs very well. The industry-leading commerce platform has the capabilities Cyth needs to power the ecommerce side of its new website.

Furthermore, we determined that our development accelerator Gesso, with its decoupled front end and integrated design system, would create the composability that will put Cyth in the best position for future development. This structure will allow them to expand functionality outside of the BigCommerce feature set in the future, should they need to.


A modern digital ecommerce experience

  • BigCommerce as the ecommerce engine
  • Quickbooks Desktop integration for workflow automation
  • Zoho CRM integration for sales and customer service capability
  • A decoupled front end with an integrated design system for enhanced user experience across platforms
  • Drupal as the content management system for both content and front-end management/editing

Cyth Systems’ new technical infrastructure is composable, and its flexible decoupled nature is future-ready and scalable, allowing them to adapt to the business’s evolving needs.

Cyth Systems | Client Story | Case Study

"Working alongside Acro Commerce has redefined our perception of the web & ecommerce development industry. Their team made quick work of the creative design process, delivering an effective solution thanks to their industry expertise and professionalism. Acro Commerce has been a critical partner to our success, and we are looking forward to working alongside them in the future."
- Cole Patton, Cyth Systems

Building the future, one step at a time

Handcuffed by their existing website, Cyth Systems boldly embarked on a proactive and iterative development project. 

The goal of the project is to:

  • Add ecommerce where there previously was none
  • Add easy-to-use content management functionality
  • Allow for custom workflows and functionality in the future

Does your company have the same goals as Cyth Systems? Let us develop a solution that fits your exact needs.