Accelerating Headless Ecommerce For B2B, D2C & Manufacturers

Learn how separating backend operations from frontend experiences using a headless accelerator can unlock new revenue opportunities for traditional B2B, D2C and Manufacturing organizations and streamline operational efficiency at the same time.

B2B buying behaviour dictates that your business evolve online.

Improving user experience, augmenting your marketing messaging and improving your technical infrastructure sounds like a daunting undertaking. And it can be if you use traditional development methods.

Introducing Gesso — a headless commerce accelerator that reduces time-to-market for technology and architecture upgrades, unlocking ecommerce, ERP and CMS integrations for B2B Manufacturing.

Advantages of using Gesso

  • Parallel development — Gesso expedites front and back-end work concurrently, slashing time-to-market for updates and new features.
  • Future flexibility — Ensures future-proofing by seamlessly integrating with diverse systems and enabling the use of the latest platforms.
  • Independent content updates — Gesso allows non-developers to make front-end content changes without back-end modifications, reducing demands on developers and speeding up changes.

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