B2B Digital Transformation

Bringing traditional B2B sales online. 

Unified data management solutions bring customer analytics, business automation and data control together to help your organization create better business strategies.

B2B buying behaviour has evolved. The elimination of in-person meetings from the traditional sales pipeline is the new reality and the shift to digital-only interaction is not going away.

According to Gartner research, organizations that put digital transformation strategies in place should expect 30% more revenue and a 20% reduction in costs than those that take a wait-and-see approach. If you aren't prioritizing digital commerce, you are leaving money on the table.

B2B companies need digital commerce solutions that focus on their immediate requirements while allowing for continued evolution and overall digital transformation.

30% more revenue & 20% cost reduction


A look at how Acro Commerce created a flexible plan that allowed for our client’s COVID-affected budget & timeline, delivering the solutions they need right now and developing technical blueprints for the future.

Successful B2B digital transformation

Digital transformation in B2B requires a new mindset but creating a company-wide desire for change can be somewhat difficult for established, mature companies. Involving company stakeholders in the strategic process makes creating that new hive mind easier. Digital transformation is a process; it needs to be road mapped and phased out as per business needs. Getting your entire B2B organization online can’t be done in one major project; it must be transitional. 


Developing a digital commerce strategy requires the coordination of all departments. Sales, marketing, IT, manufacturing, supply chain and customer service all have a part to play in any digital strategy. Excluding one of these teams while constructing the strategy or technology will result in project complications or outright failure.

Solutions for established B2B companies

Many B2B organizations fail to launch digital commerce solutions because they believe their products are too complex to sell online or require a more traditional handshake-style sales relationship. Your business may be left behind if you aren't willing to evolve and move your sales reps, distributors and customer relationships online.

Ecommerce is not just for simple products. If you can sell traditionally, you can learn to sell digitally. Configurable products and complex B2B ecosystems are challenging to digitize. Our experience and expertise will make short work of your legacy problems and get your project online in months, not years.

Business mandates that we have helped our B2B clients solve

  • Digitizing to mirror and compliment the complexity of physical operations.
  • Exploring a direct-to-consumer sales channel without upsetting your distribution network.
  • Leveraging customer data to create intelligent solutions that increase revenue.
  • Connecting sales staff with online data for real-time stock, pricing, account details and warehousing information for improved customer experience.
  • Minimizing disruption to current business operations.
  • Empowering sales teams with new tools & systems designed to increase sales velocity.
  • Removing friction and creating effortless customer experiences.
  • Collaborating with internal stakeholders for a comprehensive solution outlook.

Increase buy-in with stakeholder interviews.

Start talking about digital transformation with your key stakeholders. These conversations will get your entire team on board and ensure project success.

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