Business automation

Automating workflows, especially processes and tasks that are primarily handled manually by employees, makes businesses more efficient, productive and accountable.

Businesses today have many, many moving parts. Various departments working in silos require the need for manual data entry to maintain operations. Inefficient project management processes and manual ordering processes with suppliers are other examples of where workflow and business automation tools can increase time savings and efficiency.

30 hours

At the end of the day, what your business wants to do is save time. Think about it.

If you can save 30 hours a month because you have solid business processes and automation setup, that's an extra 30 hours a month you and your staff get to leverage to grow your business.

Business workflow automation is powerful; it allows you to scale your business much faster than if you had to do things manually.

Who can benefit from business automation


Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Medical/Dental, Distributors.


Retail, Health & Wellness, Digital Goods & Services, CPG&S, Subscription.


Non-profit and membership organizations, Education, Government.

Business automation solutions

At Acro Commerce, our ecommerce software consultants help clients evaluate their current workflows and processes, and our subject matter experts provide insight on what integrations can improve efficiency with the client's ecommerce ecosystem. Our workflow automation solutions give companies tools that aid in:

Collaboration for internal & external teams

Building streamlined and efficient communication platforms and workflows will not only allow your teams to get the information they need faster, but it will also help keep your company’s teams aligned with your business goals. Improved workflows also help communication between your teams and external vendors, increasing productivity and streamlining purchasing processes.

Eliminating the swivel chair process

The term "swivel chair process" comes from the idea of manually entering the same data into multiple systems, entering it once in one place, then swivelling your chair around and entering that data again in another place, and so on. Eliminating swivel chair processes can have a massive impact on reducing business overhead, streamlining efficiencies, and therefore increasing profit.

Draft, edit, approve, post: CMS governance

Implementation of an efficient workflow in content creation is key to making sure that key stakeholders are getting eyes on any content before it is published, maintaining brand voice and values while keeping the creative process moving forward. With a robust CMS, you can establish a content governance strategy that will allow high-quality content to be published continuously.

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