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Building the future of medical instrument and supply organizations by creating agile, unified experiences through digital commerce architecture.

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Medical manufacturing and supply organizations constantly balance the need to modernize operations while increasing their sales revenue. Digital transformation, interoperability and creating direct sales channels without upsetting established distributor networks are core digital commerce goals.

More than just an ecommerce solution, digital commerce for medical must address:

  • Working with outdated legacy platforms and balancing the cost and complexity of incorporating new technologies.
  • Adhering to HIPAA data sovereignty security and other regulatory standards and privacy laws.
  • A constantly evolving set of business needs and scenarios.
  • Increasing revenue with direct-to-consumer sales.

Digital commerce for the health industry is successfully executed when examined from the ground up. We can show you how to build an integrated digital commerce strategy and the architecture to power its future.

Building a digital commerce solution does not have to upset established distributor relationships.

  • Create ecommerce portals for specific segments.
  • Build account-specific pricing and simplified reordering.
  • Personalized communication and marketing message capabilities.
  • Give the same level of attention to your customer experience through digital commerce.

Digital commerce provides choice.

Improve sales cycles by automating the ordering process through digital commerce solutions and realize growth with business transformation.

Modern business objectives require an adaptable commerce solution that favours digital innovation for both customer experience and business operations.

Designing a digital commerce solution requires the careful evaluation of existing systems, data models and business operations. Digital commerce transforms your business flexibility and ignites the customer journey through truly agile and flexible system choices.

Digital commerce in action


A leader in the dental supply industry, Hu-Freidy Group invested in digital commerce to reach future markets, improve processes and integrate legacy accounting and ERP systems. See how adaptable digital assets are built for scalable growth and continuous improvement.

IT leaders, get ready for collaboration & innovation.

Well-designed and executed digital commerce allows for interdepartmental collaboration:

  • Integrate ERPs and business systems to improve data flow.
  • Use improved data flow for insight-driven personalization.
  • Technical architecture that matches operational needs, securely.
  • Easily create dynamic content governance strategies for better workflow.

Unified data  & personalization: the marketing dream team.

Digital commerce unites your tech and data points while giving marketing and sales the tools they need to:

  • Leverage your complete buying journey, no matter which sales channel is used.
  • Reach your entire global audience with a world-class CMS and content strategy.
  • Improve sales processes to free up teams to hunt new accounts.
  • Get the most out of your ERP and sales history for marketing and account selection.

Digital commerce for medical manufacturing.

For medical supply and instrument manufacturers with an existing digital property, building and transforming it into a high functioning digital commerce site is not a small project. It is a process that needs to be road mapped. It needs to be resource-conscious while moving forward as quickly as the business needs.

On the other hand, a brand new move to digital commerce requires a massive mindset shift. Creating a company-wide desire for change can be difficult for established, mature companies. Involving company stakeholders in the strategic process early makes creating that new hive mind easier.

In either situation, developing your digital commerce manifesto requires the coordination of all departments. Sales, marketing, IT, manufacturing, supply chain and customer service all have a part to play in a new digital reality. Excluding one of these teams in the construction of the strategy or technology will result in project complications or outright failure.

Rather than committing millions of dollars to a project and waiting a year for it to get done, we believe in breaking projects down with our Agile development process of continuous innovation. This process ensures that medical instrument and supply organizations have the opportunity to complete important tasks like stakeholder interviews, internal audits and competitive analysis while keeping the project moving forward efficiently and effectively.

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