Telecom partners

Telecommunications service providers need a technology partner with a deep understanding of the business strategy within their industry.

As competition thickens and market share becomes harder to keep, quickly connecting your business strategy with a high-performing digital solution is crucial.

Telecommunications service providers need partners and consultants with a deep understanding of the critical issues and competitive pressures inside and outside their organizations. They need telecom consulting partners who are integrated into their business strategy and drive technology-based solutions development.

Acro Commerce has created a proven strategic development process for telecoms that increases speed to market, product margins, sales volumes and overall market share.

Telecommunications Industry Case Study

A brief look at a forward-thinking custom solution that increased marketing agility and lowered labour costs, built specifically for a major telecommunications provider by Acro Commerce.

Solutions for telecommunication service providers

Our telecom clients are passionate about developing new solutions and becoming market leaders. Our team has spent years consulting and working with our telecom partners, moving through the constantly changing complexities in the industry with them. These complex changes have allowed us to re-engineer systems, connecting multiple products, services, channels, and teams and creating the best bundling solutions.

Business mandates that we have helped our telecom partners solve:

26 percent increase
  • Improve sales velocity — Bundling wireless and wireline products into automated sales solutions that increased integrated deals over single product transactions by 26%.
  • Successful digital transformation — Developing a hub/portal site where all business tools live, modernizing how telecom companies communicate pricing and offer and providing a common experience for all channels.
  • Effective automation — Created automated processes for partner validation, user verification, and fulfillment status tracking, drastically reducing the time and resources required to facilitate these processes.
  • Streamline backend complexities — Improve sales flow by developing a middle-layer API solution to bypass the complex, bulky in-house legacy API's that slow the overall experience.


"The golden rule in Agile design has always been: you can have it fast, you can have it well priced or you can have it high quality, but you can’t have all 3, so pick 2. Acro Commerce has been able to defy this rule on numerous occasions over the last year through Agile prioritized execution, precise detailed planning to reduce rework, and continual validation of design to ensure business needs are being met. It is this partnership between TELUS and Acro that has kept us coming back time and time again for further development and enhancements."

Jenna Sweetland – Director Marketing – TELUS Business

Telecom service providers must improve digital customer experience to recover from retail losses.

By placing a higher value on customer relationships, engaging experiences, and prioritizing 5G offerings and infrastructure upgrades, telecoms may find solutions to their current retail woes.

Strategic development process

Acro Commerce helps our telecommunications partners become more competitive using open-source technology. Open source allows us to avoid ever having to say the words “that’s not an option” to our partners. But technology alone is not enough for our partners to become market leaders.

Our strategic development method combines modules, tools, and processes into a 4-step approach to get a live product to market in months, not years, helping our partners stay ahead of the competition.

Our project development process starts with several high-level telecom consulting meetings to review your business strategy and pain points. In this stage our solution architects start connecting your business strategy to a technology path, reviewing assets, and assigning requirements for the next phase of planning and deeper discovery.

The complexities of procuring, onboarding, and kick-starting new projects in the telecom industry can be daunting.

In the second phase of our process, we rely on our solution architects and subject matter experts to run multiple initiatives in parallel: managing organizational processes and compliance barriers from Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA’s) and procurement management, to PII encryption, and solution planning that includes technical architecture documentation, visual prototyping and development road mapping.

Pilot / MVP projects

The need for thorough planning is important but once development starts, moving quickly and pivoting quickly, is crucial. Our planning and discovery process fast-flows into an extremely organized initial development phase, with our main focus being speed-to-market.

We build measurable value into the first version of your product while driving to get it live as quickly as possible.

Post-pilot development and scaling

Post-pilot is when teams start settling into our Agile development process, moving quickly in 2 or 3-week development cycles, helping your teams realize scalable growth and continuous improvement.

Additional support

Beyond implementation and scaling, our teams offer post-launch support that can be customized to cover capital planning and budgeting support, load testing, hosting services, security management and 24/7 emergency response services.

A strategic development process customized specifically for telecoms.

With a deep understanding of the pains and competitive pressures our telecommunication partners face inside and outside their organizations, Acro Commerce has developed a proven development method that increases speed to market, resulting in increased product margins, sales volumes and overall market share.

Let us customize that process around your business needs and show you how this proven method will get your solution to market fast.

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