Eikon Device Tattoo Equipment & Supplies

A look at how Acro Commerce was able to develop an integrated ecommerce platform that works for Eikon Device and the businesses their products serve.

Project highlights

Content management
system integration

ERP & logistics systems

B2B ecommerce & 
global distribution

Eikon device case study


Building for the future, not just solving problems for today.

The objective for every B2B commerce platform should be to make business easier. Easier for businesses to connect with their clients, easier for the business to connect with their vendors and easier for internal teams to communicate with each other. This is done by building better solutions:

  • Solutions that aid in connecting data, no matter the source.
  • Solutions that integrate sales, customer service rep systems, ERP systems and production teams.
  • Solutions that connect fulfillment and delivery systems
  • Solutions that allow for account customization and fitting the needs of your individual clients

Our work with Eikon Device Tattoo Equipment & Supplies shows how a development strategy backed by Agile principles has built a commerce website that continues to evolve to meet the needs of the business, its customers and its vendors.

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A B2B manufacturer with the desire to lead change and build transformation.

Eikon Device is a proven leader and innovator in the tattoo equipment and supplies industry. In 1994, they were the first company to manufacture a needle specifically designed for tattoo artists. They didn’t stop the innovation there. 

Eikon Device is a full-scale manufacturer with a global distributor network. They continue to forge the way for tattoo equipment development, designing and producing a full range of tattoo supplies, including several patented products.


Digitally transform a traditional B2B company and bring its experiences online.

With 25 years of physical operations under their belt, we were tasked with building architecture to digitally mirror the customer experience that had made them the world leader in their industry.

Getting in the game meant not just being able to service their North American markets, but integrate their ERP, fulfillment, CSR systems and mirror the activity in their production and warehousing through integrated data. The ecommerce experience had to be more than functional, it had to be marketable with a content management system, social media integrations and responsive design.


Planning, road mapping, and evaluating what could and could not be digitized in a traditional B2B business.

Acro Commerce created solutions that digitally transformed Eikon Device’s business in a way that was respectful of budget, timelines and customer needs. It was important to Eikon Device that their commerce platform:

  • Have the ability to help build on the sense of community that their industry is centred around
  • Make cross-border shipping seamless with the right system integrations
  • Offer features that made shopping for individual artists or groups of artists simpler, including: 
    • Design features to indicate purchase history.
    • Personalization based on account history.
    • Automatic reorder features added for disposables.
    • Downloadable invoice summaries for clients to use at tax time.
    • Online, automated account validation and verification.
    • A built-in interface allows customer service reps to capture an in-progress online order and complete it while the client is on the phone with them. 


A fully digitally transformed headless build for a traditional B2B company that works for everyone on their team.

Eikon Device timeline:

  • 1994 — Design and build the 1st needle specifically designed for tattoo artists.
  • 1995 to 2008 — Continually evolve the product line and build the business traditionally. Think paper catalogues, mail & phone orders and COD payment.
  • 2009 — 1st ecommerce website.
  • 2017 — Fully integrated global commerce platform.
  • 2021 — Celebrating 25 years in business and a distributor network spanning 23 countries.

Project features

Operational efficiency through connected systems.

Globally scalable B2B commerce platform.

Integrated customer service abilities for improved experience.

Improved experience design


Eikon Device Before Image


Eikon Device After Image

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