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Laura Meshen


Laura Meshen

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May 11, 2022

Solutions for entering new markets

Finding ways to scale and grow your business is always at the top of every organization’s annual to-do list. Entering new markets is frequently the answer to growth and revenue constraints. Opening and enhancing digital commerce functionality offers opportunities where existing markets may have become saturated or are just not scalable.

Investing time and resources into global expansion, exploring new selling models, and uses of artificial intelligence and ecommerce personalization are just a few of the ways that companies are combating the limitations of their current markets and finding new ways to elicit increased revenue and profits.

Digital commerce to reach new markets

At Acro Commerce, our ecommerce software consultants frequently help clients evaluate new sales channels and our subject matter experts provide insight on what integrations will need to happen within the client's ecommerce ecosystem. Our digital commerce solutions can help companies with:

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Global expansion

Our experts know that when delivering a local experience on a global scale is key when thinking about global expansion. Internationalization of your ecommerce site is a complex endeavour involving the ability to accept multiple currencies and systems to handle complex tax integrations. Our subject matter experts can set your globalization up for success.

New selling models

The way businesses are selling is changing. B2B companies are adopting new channels to sell direct-to-consumer and B2C companies are looking for new ways to boost their customer offerings with digital goods and memberships. New selling models mean creating strong, scalable commerce architecture that will handle exponential growth.

Digital sales enablement

Access to real-time inventory and unified customer data gives marketing and sales teams better data to hunt for new clients. With a connected ecommerce platform, D2C and B2B online sales become much simpler. Investing in the right digital commerce architecture can make all the difference in the world.

AI & personalization

Tapping into connected devices and the Internet of Things, machine buying and voice search are just a few ways that Artificial Intelligence will help fuel new markets. Personalization becomes a key component of the IoT as well through connected devices like Alexa, linking to Amazon accounts and delivering a personalized experience through that buyer’s journey.


How a flexible digital commerce architecture helped the Government of Yukon safely and securely manage their customer data within a strict regulatory framework for online cannabis sales when the legalization of cannabis in Canada came into effect.
In a large, diverse region such as the Yukon Territories, digital commerce made entering the market simple and secure.
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Digital transformation to make entering new markets easier

In some sectors, like B2B, a move to digital commerce requires a new mindset. Creating a company-wide desire for change can be difficult for established, mature companies. Involving company stakeholders in the strategic process makes creating a new hive mind easier. 

For B2B organizations with an existing web property, building and transforming it into a high functioning digital commerce site is a process; it needs to be road mapped and phased out as per business needs. Getting your entire B2B organization online can’t be done in one major project, it must be transitional. 

Developing your digital commerce manifesto requires the coordination of all departments. Sales, marketing, IT, manufacturing, supply chain and customer service all have a part to play in any digital strategy. Excluding one of these teams in the construction of the strategy or technology will result in project complications or outright failure.

Rather than committing to a project and waiting a year for it to get done, we break it down into an Agile development process of continuous innovation. This process ensures B2B companies have the opportunity to complete important tasks like stakeholder interviews, internal audits and competitive analysis while keeping the project moving forward efficiently and effectively.

Is it time to think about new markets?

If your organization is ready to talk about digital transformation and recognizes the need for digital commerce to expand your business, partnering with an agency that can solve your complex ecommerce needs using best-in-class design and technology is a good action plan.

Alternatively, if your organization is not quite there or not sure where to start, we are more than happy to have a call and help answer any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to reach out; there is no obligation, and we are happy to help.

Digital commerce solutions in every sector.

Who can benefit from solutions for entering new markets?

  • B2B – Manufacturing,  wholesale, telecommunications, medical/dental, distributors.
  • B2C – Retail, health & wellness, digital goods & services, consumer products, subscription.
  • Member organizations – Non-profit and membership organizations, education, government.