Koinos Group

When you are on the leading edge of technology, user experience is everything. A cookie-cutter website experience just doesn’t make the grade.

Koinos Group | Case Study | Custom Drupal Theme Development

The Koinos mission

To accelerate the transition to a truly decentralized future by maximizing blockchain accessibility.

The Koinos vision

To bring blockchain to the masses by giving developers the tools to build decentralized applications that people love using. 

The Future of Open-Source Blockchain

Free to use, modular, scalable and fair launched: The Koinos Group core tenents

Koinos Group is a blockchain technology company that provides scalable and efficient solutions for decentralized applications.

Koinos' goal is to provide a highly scalable and developer-friendly blockchain infrastructure. The primary objectives of Koinos include scalability, decentralization, interoperability, and smart contracts.

Why Acro Commerce?

When the Koinos Group started looking for an agency to help develop a new Drupal theme for their SaaS product dashboard, Acro Commerce’s shared values and beliefs stood out:

  • Advocates of open-source technology
  • Proponents of Drupal
  • A shared desire to be at the leading edge of technology

Our Drupal expertise and robust team of front-end developers, UX design experts and a dedicated architect represented the solution that will get Koinos to their end goal: 

  • Seamless integration of a new Drupal theme with their existing architecture.
  • Significant improvement in user experience, particularly on the API statistics page.
  • Efficient and intuitive product page and checkout flow for subscription upgrades/downgrades.

The cherry on top was Acro Commerce’s standing as one of the best Drupal development agencies in North America.

Drupal Association - Certified Partner - Diamond

Custom Drupal Theme Development

Our primary focus was developing a new theme tailored for the dashboard and supporting pages of Koinos Group's SaaS product. We designed the theme to seamlessly integrate with Koinos's existing architecture, which is structured using regions and blocks and implemented via controllers in custom modules.

Enhancing and improving customer engagement was the ultimate goal while fine-tuning user experience for future-proofing and scalability.

Prototyping is vital to Drupal theme development | Koinos Groups | Case Study

While Koinos expressed some interest in existing Drupal themes, they weren’t quite the right fit for the company’s UX goals.

Acro Commerce explored multiple theming options to ensure the site looks aesthetically pleasing and enhances user interaction and functionality. We aimed to create a theme that aligns closely with Koinos's features and functionality.

To ensure alignment every step of the way, our UX team presented multiple prototypes for each section the theme controlled, including:

  • Dashboard
  • Landing pages
  • Statistics pages
  • Login & Checkout workflow
  • Account pages
  • Support pages

Prototyping is vital to Drupal theme development.

Our process started with discovery & strategy on design, expected outcomes and wishlist items. These talks produced low-fidelity prototypes, and through various iterations and stakeholder consultations, our UX team designed high-fidelity prototypes.

Examples of low-to-high-fidelity prototypes in UX design | Koinos Group | Case Study

Examples of low-to-high-fidelity prototypes in UX design.

The result is a finely crafted and refined custom Drupal theme, built to Koinos Group’s exacting functional requirements, designed to meet UX best practices and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Koinos Group | Case Study | Custom Drupal Theme Development

"When developing an innovative technology product, an exceptionally beautiful front-end with a great user experience is an absolute must. We chose to work with an experienced team of Drupal experts, Acro Commerce. We found their team to be knowledgeable, professional, well-organized, and talented. Our project was delivered on time and on budget. We would absolutely recommend their services."

Steve Gerbino, CTO, Koinos Group

Improving user experience through custom Drupal theme development.

Cutting-edge technology needs more than cookie-cutter user experiences.

Koinos Group knew from the beginning that their customers deserved better, so they looked for a partner who could deliver.

  • Improved user experience, particularly on core use pages.
  • Efficient and intuitive product page and checkout flow.
  • Seamless integration of the new theme with existing architecture.

The cornerstone of open-source technology is that it benefits the greater good when it comes to software development.

Having a mutual admiration for this philosophy, Acro Commerce is excited to see what the future of blockchain looks like, with partners like Koinos Group leading the way.

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