No two brands are alike. That's the point.

You teach us how your business operates. We teach you how to bring it all together on the web. Then together, we plan your company's glow-up.

The art and science of discovery & strategy.

Instead of worrying about the destination, help your stakeholders understand the map to get there first.

Talking matters; documenting matters more. With discovery & strategy, you can:

  • Experience a step-by-step consultation.
  • Learn what’s going on with your legacy systems.
  • Consider your customers and how they want to shop.
  • Talk with your team about business impact.
  • Actively choose your online future.
  • Put your stakeholders in the driver’s seat.

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Increased revenue, customer acquisitions, order size and improved customer experience.

"We wanted to begin by protecting our revenue streams overall, and those associated with our digital platform. And there’s no doubt in our minds that the work Acro Commerce has done for us has provided that protection and has enable us to grow in a couple of dimensions: one, we’re seeing growth in terms of revenue; we’re seeing growth in terms of new customer acquisition; we’re seeing growth in average order size; and we’re seeing growth indicators in areas of a satisfying customer experience."

Gregory M. Sottile, Ph.D., Director of Sales & Marketing, USI Laminate

Ready to take it to the whiteboard? Here are your key exercises:

  • Business analysis — Stakeholder interviews, operational assessments and workflows.
  • Information architecture — The team exercise to document the moving parts.
  • Prototyping — Working wireframes for visual learners.
  • Technical architecture — Working with IT to lock in the vision.

You need to know what you’re signing up for.

Check out this video to understand the entire discovery & strategy process.


The devil isn’t in the details, it’s in the project structure.

Have a look at the Discovery & Strategy outline in this instant download. We know it’s important to keep IT happy, so take a peek behind the scenes.

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