Drupal Migration

Drupal migrations and upgrades are a core offering of Acro Commerce's Drupal services.

Why companies migrate or upgrade Drupal

Strengthen site security & compliance

Lower operating costs & increase profits

Improve site performance, speed & stability

Access new features & functionality

Migrations are complex. Working with a specialized team protects the integrity of your data and lowers costs over manual migration. Our migration experts ensure a seamless, safe transition of all your content and data.

Whether you are migrating from another version of Drupal CMS or want to switch platforms altogether, we can help. Our Drupal team has the experience and expertise for project success, the first time.

Drupal Migration
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Replatforming done right

Learn how to get the most out of your replatforming project.

Our Drupal migration expertise

Commerce migration

We provide a seamless migration path from other ecommerce platforms (Magento, Shopify) or existing Drupal Commerce modules (Ubercart, Commerce 1) to the latest version of Drupal Commerce. 

Migration mapping

Data mapping is required for a migration. Our teams do extensive data maps so you can "see" the migration plan before it happens. This ensures nothing is missed and it gets done right. 

Migration consulting

If you have hit a roadblock in the middle of your migration project you can bring it to our team to identify the problem. Saving you from potentially derailing your project with increased timelines and costs. 

Software end-of-life planning

When platforms are nearing end-of-life (Drupal 7 & 8, Magento 1.X), it's essential to start planning what this means for your operations. Our experts help you develop a migration plan well in advance so there is no feature freeze or downtime. 


"After three attempts and oversold capabilities our migration project was down in the deeps. After research and curiosity I came across Acro Commerce who I had heard were the ‘little guys from Canada.’ To my surprise the ‘little guys’ employ some of the top Drupal contributors and migration experts in the Drupal community."

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Drupal services

Companies and organizations that rely on Drupal & Drupal Commerce turn to agency partners to balance the workload of reliable site maintenance and transformative cutting-edge solutions.

Acro Commerce is one of the top Drupal agencies in North America, with an expert team of developers offering a full range of services.

  • Consulting 
  • Commerce
  • API development
  • Module development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Ongoing support

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