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Unified solutions bring customer analytics, business automation and data control together to help your organization create better strategies.

Data management in manufacturing

Improved data analytics.

Non-siloed systems & processes.

Increased efficiency & profitability.

360° customer profiles with unified data.

Manufacturing organizations today have many moving parts. Various departments working in silos require the need for manual data entry to maintain operations. Inefficient project management processes and manual ordering processes with suppliers are prime examples of where workflow and business automation tools can increase time savings and efficiency.

At the end of the day what your business wants to do is save time. Think about it. If you can save 30 hours a month because you have solid business processes and automation setup, that's an extra 30 hours a month you and your staff get to leverage to grow your business. Business workflow automation is powerful; it gives you the ability to scale your business much faster than if you had to do things manually.

We are a digital commerce agency that integrates into your business. A faithful ally, building on-demand solutions to match your company’s needs.

Data management solutions

At Acro Commerce, our subject matter experts help clients understand their data channels. Our solutions architects provide insight on how best to integrate these channels within the client’s ecommerce ecosystem. Our data solutions give manufacturing companies the following:

Data analytics review

We will assess your company's analytic tools and explore the insights you want to gain. We will show you the best-in-class tools to help you leverage your data to increase sales and profits.

Workflow & process automation

We will look at essential business operations like accounting, fulfillment, warehousing and other departments to find where workflows can be streamlined and process automated.

Data control & ownership

Data can be a powerful tool, but what if you don’t own your data? Does not owning your data affect how you can use it? We look at how your data is stored, what information your company controls and how to best configure your tech stack.

Digital sales enablement

Access to real-time inventory, new sales channels and unified customer data gives marketing and sales teams better data to hunt new clients. With a connected ecommerce platform, D2C and B2B sales become much more straightforward.

Integrating existing legacy systems for better efficiency and cost savings.

Increased inter-departmental communication, faster order processing,  and improved delivery timelines. These may seem like incidental and incremental gained efficiencies. Still, over a year, they can mean the difference between a business getting the job done and exceeding expectations.

ERPs, CRMs, production software, accounting and finance platforms, websites, and a multitude of other systems are the tools that make up a manufacturing business. If each of these systems works independently of the other, there is a real opportunity for your business to improve efficiency, and save time and money.

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