Data management

Unified solutions combine customer analytics, data flow, and business automation, helping your organization create better strategies.

Organizations have multiple data sources their business generates from internal and external channels.

Marketing, operations, sales and customer service all have their data. Sadly, most of these sources live in individual, non-connected systems called silos. Silos make it hard to combine all that data into a strategy.

Disconnected data and poor data management can lead to missed opportunities, resulting in lost revenue and market share. A unified data management system can increase profits by effectively managing sales and accounting activities like fulfillment and inventory control to eliminate shortages.

Creating a truly unified customer profile from aggregated data also allows businesses to better serve clients with personalized content at the right time, which can lead to sales increases.

Who can benefit from improved data management?


Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Medical/Dental, Distributors.


Retail, Health & Wellness, Digital Goods & Services, CPG&S, Subscription.


Non-profit and membership organizations, Education, Government.

Data management solutions

At Acro Commerce, we help clients understand their data channels. Our subject matter experts provide insight on best integrating these channels within the client's ecommerce ecosystem. Our data solutions give companies the following:

Business & customer analytics

We will assess your company's analytic tools and explore the insights you want to gain. We will show you the best-in-class tools to help you leverage your data to increase sales and profits.

Workflow & process automation

We will work with your teams and take a deep look at essential business operations like accounting, fulfillment, warehousing and other departments to find areas where workflows can be streamlined, and processes can be automated to produce time savings and increase cost-effectiveness.

Data control & ownership

Data can be a powerful tool, but what if you don't own your data? How does not owning your data affect how you can use it? Our experts can look at how your data is stored, what information your company controls and how to best configure your tech stack to make sure you are getting the most out of the data you have.

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