Connected sales teams, B2C sales & happy B2B clients. You can have it all.

Digital commerce for manufacturing is the path to building B2C and online B2B sales while creating better tools for your in-house teams.

Reach your goals

  • Manufacturers need digital tools to connect their sales teams with remote-only B2B customers.
  • B2B customers expect a consumer-like sales experience when interacting with manufacturers online.
  • Company leaders want new B2C sales channels to make their businesses more resilient.

The answer to these wants, needs and expectations lies in building the proper digital commerce infrastructure. 

Digital commerce gives manufacturing organizations the tools to remain adaptable and resilient. A connected and unified technical architecture empowers your business to execute your vision and gain an edge in customer acquisition, sales and entering new markets.

Increased data control and centralized information allow leaders to make informed and targeted decisions. Improved communication and digital tools empower sales teams to branch out and expand their outbound reach. Adding B2C sales options through ecommerce offerings opens new markets and creates opportunities for scalable growth.

It starts with talking to the right digital agency to bring it together for your organization.

Digital commerce for manufacturers brings operational systems and customers together to allow seamless experiences anywhere. 

  • Integrations are possible, old and new.
  • Leverage customer data seamlessly.
  • Build B2C sales channels without disrupting your B2B network.
  • Technical architecture built with security, scalability and growth.
  • Uniquely targeted experiences throughout every customer journey.

Digital commerce provides choice.

Modern business objectives require an adaptable commerce solution that favours digital innovation for customer experience and business operations.

Designing a digital commerce solution requires more than guidance in platform selection. It takes the careful evaluation of existing systems, data models and business operations. Digital commerce transforms your business experience and customer journey through genuinely agile and flexible system choices. 

Your customers and consumers have gone far beyond buying from just their laptops — in a truly connected world, shoppers are researching and purchasing from multiple devices throughout their shopping journey. Meet them where they are. Your online offerings to customers need to mirror your in-person experiences and be poised to enter new markets and channels. 

Digital commerce in action


A B2B manufacturer with the desire to lead change and build transformation, Eikon Device invested in digital commerce to connect their ERP, fulfillment, and CSR systems and to mirror the activity in their production and warehousing through integrated data.

Allow your technical architecture to do the heavy lifting.

IT teams want to say yes to their fellow business units. Well-designed and executed digital commerce allows for collaboration:

  • Integrate into ERPs and business systems.
  • Data-driven personalization.
  • Technical architecture that matches your needs securely. 
  • Customer experiences for your marketing team that are easy to facilitate.

Marketers & sales teams, get ready to shine.

Digital commerce unifies your tech and data points while giving marketers the freedom they deserve.

  • Provide customer journeys wherever your shoppers are.
  • Use a world-class CMS to reach your audience.
  • Improve sales tools to free up teams to hunt new accounts.
  • Get the most out of your CDP and buyer’s history for marketing and account selection.

Digital commerce for manufacturing

A move to digital commerce requires a new mindset. Creating a company-wide desire for change can be difficult for established, mature companies. Involving company stakeholders in the strategic process makes creating that new hive mind easier.

Getting your entire organization online can’t be done in one major project. It must be transitional. Building and transforming an existing web property is a process into a high-functioning digital commerce site for manufacturing organizations. The development needs to be road mapped and phased out per business needs.

Developing your digital commerce manifesto requires the coordination of all departments. Sales, marketing, IT, manufacturing, supply chain and customer service all have a part to play in any digital strategy. Excluding one of these teams in the construction of the design will result in project complications or outright failure.

Rather than committing two million dollars to a project and waiting a year for it to get done, we break it down into an Agile development process of continuous innovation. This process ensures that manufacturing organizations have the opportunity to complete essential tasks like stakeholder interviews, internal audits and competitive analysis while keeping the project moving forward efficiently and effectively.

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