Stakeholder interviews

Asking the right questions to get your entire team on board for digital transformation.


Digital transformation requires stakeholder buy-in.

Get your entire organization on board with the right conversations.

The biggest challenge in an organization of any size is creating new mindsets and invoking real change. Getting your stakeholders on board is a challenge that can lead to a project never getting off the ground.

How to Conduct Stakeholder Interviews

Stakeholder interviews make a difference.

The best way to get universal buy-in for digital transformation is to start with frank, genuine conversations with all company stakeholders. Find out what your cohorts need from the project and their biggest pain points, and talk through how your organization can resolve them. Going through the process of holding effective stakeholder interviews is the first step in creating a mindset for change within your organization.

stakeholder interviews

As part of our discovery & strategy process, Acro Commerce regularly helps B2B clients gain consensus, resolve pain points and differences, and build buy-in for change with our stakeholder interview template.

Our interviews include:

  • Identifying all possible stakeholders; internal and external. 
  • Asking each person specific queries related to their role and the impact the project will have on them.
  • Steps to keep communication flowing and getting teams aligned. 

If you are thinking about a B2B digital transformation now is the time to start having these conversations with stakeholders. If you start the wheels turning early, rather than mid-discovery, your project has the potential for a better success rate.

"A transformation is 5.8 times more likely to be successful at organizations where CEOs communicate a compelling, high-level change story, and 6.3 times likelier when senior leaders share aligned messages about the change effort with the rest of the organization."

The People Power of Transformations, McKinsey & Company

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