Medical Manufacturing

Digital solutions to open new sales channels & streamline distribution.

Products related to the medical sector are in high demand. Getting these items to customers and consumers has its challenges: strict governance, supply chain difficulties, and a reliance on typically slower traditional sales channels. Companies in these sectors need a technology partner that can create simplified digital solutions for complex products.

Verticals we build digital solutions for:

Medical instrument & supplies

Dental instruments


Health & nutrition products

Cosmetic & personal care products

Vitamins & supplements

Specialized and highly regulated products require unique sales platforms and integrations to mirror the service customers expect.

Distributors, wholesalers, institutions, retailers and direct-to-consumer channels all need the same level of attention to make the online experience grow your business.

Connecting these channels to the operational systems in the company is a critical priority in medical supply. Integrate your digital channels, tracking, manufacturing, product development, governance, sales relationship data, accounting, warehousing, stock and fulfillment.

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Customer highlight — Yukon Cannabis

The Government of Yukon required a digital solution for the sale of cannabis. It would need to bring physical stores, a heavily governed ecommerce platform, and third-party vendors together seamlessly. All while following the strict restrictions and regulations enforced by the federal government for the online sale of controlled substances.

The right digital solution dictated that custom functions needed to be built to adhere to the federally-mandated security, privacy and data control policies around the sale of cannabis products:

  • “Age-gate” implementation to deny access and restrict exposure for individuals under the age of 19 through the ecommerce platform. 
  • A “Weight Module” was created to follow the federally imposed restriction limits for the amount of cannabis that can be purchased by an individual, legally 30 grams at a time. For online orders over the legal purchase threshold, the checkout becomes disabled and various elements (both visual and message based) are used to let the customers know why.

Implement a D2C sales channel. Grow revenue.

Develop digital commerce solutions that:

  • Make it easy to sell complex products through a simplified online checkout that creates a better customer experience.
  • Allow companies to expand to new geographic locations with a multi-site strategy that can support numerous languages, currencies, and location-specific content and products.
  • Focus on sales portals for specific customer segments, product types and categories outside the existing distribution network.

B2B and B2C. One system for multiple customer types.

Connect platforms to allow for:

  • Selling your products to individual consumers, businesses and institutions — all in one.
  • Connect your data between ecommerce experiences, CRMs and ERPs to track your customer’s behavior and provide seamless purchasing experience regardless of the scale or account type.
  • Mirror the nuances and governed regulations of your product online without team intervention.

Seamless integrations to simplify supply chain management.

Develop a technical architecture that brings together the entire ecosystem and allows:

  • Better data connectivity that improves manufacturing, inventory and order management.
  • Improve efficiency with automated workflows that eliminate manual processes.
  • Stronger relationships with your distribution network through increased transparency and communication.


A look at how Acro Commerce developed a complete ecommerce solution that is robust, secure and efficient. Increasing the amount of sales and decreasing fulfillment time resulted in significant company growth.

True expert architecture, development & integration for your brand, powered by our team.

Agile ecommerce development, for your customer and your business.

Our team allows your brand to be purchased anywhere through:

  • Headless frameworks
  • Integrating systems
  • Connecting business apps
  • Best in class content delivery

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