Streamlining company operations and creating a "digital-first" customer service approach reduced costs by up to 48%.

Project highlights

Secure & connected
commerce platform.

Complete systems
integration with
legacy services.

Expert designed
UX for
checkout flows

LivePerson case study


Streamlining operations and creating a "digital-first" customer service approach are big concerns for B2B organizations.

B2B companies are looking for ways to create efficiencies and become disruption-proof by digitizing their business models for the buyers. Embracing digital strategies can help B2B organizations:

  • Optimizing commerce architecture to support integration and improve data flow.
  • Automating manual work processes to free up resources to focus on other business-building initiatives.
  • Improving the online experience to offer expertly curated customer experiences.

Our work with LivePerson showcases how Acro Commerce was able to help this B2B organization bridge the gap between legacy and new product solutions to create an unparalleled customer experience and address sales objectives by improving data flow.


LivePerson case study

LivePerson: Helping the world’s largest brands connect with their customers at scale through AI-powered messaging.

Have you ever visited a website and, during your session, searched for help, wanted to send a complaint or needed to get advice from the company you’re browsing? Enter the chatbox. That helpful pop-up in the corner of the screen, passively offering a friendly hand, allows visitors to have questions answered on the fly, establish rapport, confidence and ultimately create a conversion from a prospect to a customer; that’s LivePerson.

LivePerson is a subscription-based brand-to-customer support platform. Through their online support centers, LivePerson supports millions of customers for companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and IBM, with various technical and sales support levels.

When LivePerson came to Acro Commerce, they faced a commerce architecture redesign and had some specific pain points. They needed to connect a platform that not only supported subscription ecommerce but also used custom checkout flows and had API integration into a variety of software and services they already used, including their own proprietary software LiveEngage.


Integration with third-party SaaS platforms, proprietary software and consolidation of backend management functions for improved workflows and cost-efficiency.

LivePerson had already settled on an open source framework but lacked the specific in-house skills and expertise to execute. They understood that they needed help to properly conceptualize the central nervous system of the headless setup to ensure scalability for the future.

They knew what their customers wanted from their online shopping and account management experience:

  • Seamless user flow for both customers and sales agents when developing customized support packages.
  • A personalized and intuitive UX that was flexible and responsive to the product needs of their customers.
  • Security.

LivePerson also understood their business objectives and operational requirements:

  • Ensure the platform was secure and functioned seamlessly.
  • Quickly add new products, services and promotions to meet tactical marketing objectives.
  • Overcome the limitations of their current UX that was directly contributing to lost sales.
  • Connect all operational data and leverage these cross-functional reports to foster a more proactive management approach.


LivePerson wanted a commerce and architecture solution that supported:

  • Melding two business practices and workflows into one system.
  • Consolidation of the backend management to achieve more efficiencies.
  • A project management system the client could support internally.
  • A best practices ecommerce experience and specific custom checkout flow for diverse customer types.

Using Acro Commerce’s strategic development process, our teams took on a discovery process that uncovered and accommodated the needs of all stakeholders in the LivePerson organization. It also led to a greater understanding of LivePerson's commerce ecosystems and the underlying elements it required.

Modules and custom integrations built for this project:

  • API integrations for several software and services that LivePerson already had in place.
  • Integration of the proprietary software LiveEngage and a newly acquired product, Contact at Once!
  • Bi-directionally connected integration of SalesForce to LiveEngage.
  • Drupal Commerce: The ecommerce module used to handle products, checkout flows, and integrations with the other platforms LivePerson uses.
  • AvaTax: Avatax was used to automate tax calculation using their simple and up-to-date tax calculation API.
  • Zuora: Zuora is the subscription software LivePerson uses. Acro Commerce created a module to integrate Drupal Commerce with Zuora's API.
  • Bootstrap: Bootstrap was used as a base template for the LivePerson theme. It’s an excellent starting point to then build their product, checkout and user account pages off of.


Open source architecture bridged the gap between legacy and new product solutions to create an unparalleled customer experience and address sales objectives.

The new architecture gave LivePerson: 

  • Integrated legacy systems and new products for a customized check-out flow.
  • Client access to subscription data on mobile and tablet.
  • Automated customer service with a built-in feedback loop for real-time issue resolution.
  • Seamless connection and communication between sales and marketing for real-time analytics and updated customer records.
  • Flexible and responsive UX for a personalized customer experience.
  • Secure and connected commerce platform that integrated completely with legacy services.
  • Connected operational data reporting to support a proactive management approach.
  • More sales and decreased operational costs.

Project features

Integrated legacy systems and new products, for a customized check-out flow.

Automated customer service with a built-in feedback loop for real-time issue resolution.

Seamless connection between sales & marketing for real-time analytics and updated customer records.

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