Northern Health

Closing the resourcing gap in BC’s healthcare industry is critical. Northern Health is solving this problem with a new online recruitment tool and experience designed for users on the go.

Project highlights

Rapid time-to-value

Modern user experience

Agile development process

Open source flexibility

About Northern Health

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Covering an area of nearly 600,000 square kilometres, Northern Health offers healthcare services in over two dozen communities to more than 80,000 people through their facilities. 


One of the challenges of serving such a vast geography is filling vacant healthcare jobs in rural areas. Staffing shortages plague the industry, but Northern Health is determined to find a solution to recruitment woes with a new website dedicated to showcasing the benefits of working in the region.

Attracting qualified candidates is a struggle in any industry, but Northern Health had a clear vision of what they wanted in a virtual offering that could get the job done.

  • A user-friendly digital experience
  • Engaging testimonials
  • Community spotlights
  • A career centre to highlight job openings

As a long-term client of Acro Commerce, Northern Health brought this recruitment website concept to the table, along with a very tight timeline.

Northern Health’s Human Resources department was clamouring to fill job vacancies to serve residents in northern BC better. The project only had twelve weeks to go from ideation to launch, a feat very few agency partnerships can accomplish while satisfying all stakeholders’ needs.


Budget constraints, demands for new hires and a looming province-wide recruiting campaign on the calendar all put pressure on the Acro Commerce and Northern Health teams to deliver a finished website as quickly as possible.

With the speed of development being a critical indicator of success, we worked with Northern Health to plan, develop and launch the new site using technology they were already very familiar with, Drupal.


Adopting a proven iterative and repeatable process that shortens time-to-value.

The GoHealth BC site is the first complete-from-scratch build for Northern Health in partnership with Acro Commerce, and it is a brilliant opportunity to show off our accelerated development model to its full potential.

To best use everyone’s resources, we ran a discovery & strategy phase, delivering the necessary information architecture artifacts. At the same time, our front-end and back-end software teams got to work on the Drupal build. 

Traditional vs. Accelerated Development

Traditional development is also called waterfall development, and each stage happens consecutively. Using this process, the first version of a website takes months and months longer.

Traditional Development Path - Acro Media

When adopting an accelerated development path, work is done on multiple fronts simultaneously, dramatically shortening the time it takes to deliver a website.

Accelerated Development Path | Acro Media

Using Agile-backed project management and development processes, we met Northern Health’s deadline and launched their brand new site in under three months.

Site Capabilities

Testimonials  | FAQ |  Site Search | Community Pages | Job Postings

Northern Health | Case Study | GoHealth BC

Building the future of healthcare quickly & efficiently.

Northern Health needed a web development agency to rise to the challenge of a new, modern website delivered in a very small window to improve recruitment and fill critical job openings in British Columbia.

  • Accelerated time-to-value for a working recruitment tool.
  • Ability to handle multiple ongoing projects at once.
  • Agile, iterative and repeatable processes.

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