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Pioneers in videoconferencing technology, BlueJeans paved the way for companies like Zoom. To stay ahead of the curve, adding B2B ecommerce for their subscription service made them the ultimate game-changer.


Subscription-based Ecommerce

Self-Serve Client Portal

Automated Order Fulfillment

Streamlined Sales Processes

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Staying Ahead of the Curve with B2B Ecommerce

Improving customer experience and sales while pushing the digital commerce envelope for subscription-based services.

Based in Silicon Valley, California, BlueJeans is a video-sharing company that allows businesses to host conferences, large-scale meetings and interactive events online. BlueJeans’ platform is used by companies around the world, including Facebook, Intuit and ADP, and was recognized as the "Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions" by Gartner.

Manual Processes Eat Away At the Bottom Line

Blue Jeans had a manually intensive sales process that lacked any automation and resulted in data being physically entered. These swivel-chair tasks took up hours of employees' time. 

Basically, the only way to complete a sale was over the phone. Customers would see a product information page on the BlueJeans website but have to call in to place an order. 

The company was looking for a way to allow its website to communicate with its subscription management software, Zuora.

The problem was that there was no communication between Zuora and Drupal, where the sales were being generated. This meant that the website was driving phone calls to the call center sales team, who manually entered each customer’s details into Zuora. The client’s login credentials would then be emailed to them so they could sign in and download their product key. 

A solution was needed to bridge this manual gap and further streamline the sales process, which was necessary to scale the business.

Why Acro Commerce?

BlueJeans’ new technical setup centers on a combination of Drupal, Drupal Commerce Zuora subscription management software and Salesforce CRM.

The architecture requires multiple custom integrations and a team that can get them up and running quickly and efficiently.

Our Drupal expertise and robust team of front-end developers, UX design experts and a dedicated architect represented the solution to get BlueJeans to their ultimate goal of an efficient online sales tool.

Add to this the fact that Acro Commerce had a direct hand in the creation of the Zuora module for Drupal and our standing as one of the best Drupal development agencies in North America; BlueJeans knew they were in good company with us.

Drupal Association - Certified Partner - Diamond

Integrated B2B Online Sales For Improved User Experience & Efficiency

BlueJeans had a multi-part goal for the Acro Commerce team

  • To sell their B2B subscription-based product online.
  • Improve the user experience.
  • Streamline operations and sales processes. 

The project started by upgrading BlueJeans' website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, making it more up-to-date and adding multi-language capabilities.

BlueJeans by Verzion | Buying Videoconferencing Subscriptions Online | Acro Commerce Case Studies
BlueJeans by Verzion | Customize Your Plan | Acro Commerce Case Studies

Standard Checkout Flows Don’t Work For Every Business

The Acro team created a custom self-serve portal for online sales using Drupal Commerce with a custom checkout flow to ensure an exceptional user experience.

The next step was to integrate Zuora to manage BlueJeans' recurring billing. This critical integration allowed various payment models, like credit card or invoicing to an account, catering to clients with different payment preferences and billing requirements.

As developers of the Zuora module for Drupal, we were able to integrate the platforms seamlessly. 

The Zuora integration significantly simplified the billing process, speeding up sales and reducing manual data entry. It also enhanced the customer experience by linking account data from Zuora to the self-serve portal, providing customers easy access to their account history and subscription information.

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Improving Workflows by Integrating Salesforce

Completing the ecommerce store and integrating it with Zuora was crucial, but to streamline sales and operations further, Acro Commerce also integrated the sales portal with Salesforce, BlueJeans’ customer relationship program. This integration synchronized data between Drupal and Salesforce, reducing the time and effort needed to manage information.

With these improvements, BlueJeans can focus more on growing its business and refining procedures, solidifying its position as a leader in the video conferencing industry.

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BlueJeans by Verzion | Thank You For Your Order | Acro Commerce Case Studies

The result is a self-serve portal where everything can be handled in one place and in a fully automated fashion. 

The new streamlined process is autonomous and allows BlueJeans to handle greater quantities of incoming sales with ease.

Project Features

Upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

Ecommerce Functionality with Drupal Commerce

Zuora Integration Fulfillment & Payment Processing

Salesforce Integration to Streamline Sales Workflow

Multi-Language Capabilities to Improve CX

Adding B2B ecommerce and efficiency through custom Drupal development and system integrations.

Cutting-edge technology needs more than cookie-cutter user experiences. It also demands scalable operations.

BlueJeans knew from the beginning that their customers and their business deserved better, so they looked for a partner who could deliver.

  • Improved user experience by giving customers the ability to purchase self-serve online.
  • Efficient and intuitive product page and checkout flow, complete with automated order fulfillment.
  • Seamless integration with customer relationship management tools to improve the operational efficiency of the sales, billing and customer service departments.

The final outcome was a sleek, improved sales process, fully tailored to their exact business needs and guiding the optimal customer journey.

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