Accurate Industries

Connecting Accurate Industries’ ERP to their ecommerce platform is critical for business improvement and streamlining operations.

America’s Steam & Sauna Authority

Accurate Industries has grown to be the largest steam room and sauna equipment, accessories, and parts distributor in the United States.

They rely heavily on their enterprise resource planning software, or ERP, Acumatica, to manage their day-to-day operations. Acumatica is the tool they use to manage product catalogues, stock management, order fulfillment and more.

Accurate Industries | Since 1969 | America's Steam & Sauna Authority

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Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is an open-source ecommerce framework built from the ground up on Drupal.

It empowers businesses to build any ecommerce website, whether that is a manufacturer selling direct-to-consumer, a distributor selling to hundreds of B2B clients, or a retail brand. Drupal Commerce is built for growth and scales right along with your business.

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Acumatica Cloud ERP Software is an easy-to-use customizable Cloud ERP software that fits your business needs to improve profitability, efficiency, and more. It is designed to integrate how your business works with technology that connects it across time and distance.

Acumatica helps improve day-to-day operations with 24/7 access to business tools and functions. Manage your business, review all customer interactions, and obtain proactive business reports and insights from any web-enabled device.

Acro Commerce specializes in developing integrations that enhance business efficiency.

Streamlining commerce & operations

Accurate Industries currently sells thousands of products through The website serves multiple domains, including B2C & B2B, and uses Drupal Commerce as its ecommerce platform, but all of the product data lives in the Acumatica ERP. The hurdle Accurate Industries is running into is that neither system talks to the other out of the box. This results in manual swivel chair processes.

  • To update product pages in Drupal Commerce
  • To manage customer accounts and orders
  • To update pricing for accounts with specialized discounts
  • To fulfill orders
  • To manage stock

In building an application programming interface, or API, that allows Acumatica and Drupal Commerce to communicate bi-laterally, Acro Commerce will help Accurate Industries streamline its operations, remove swivel chair processes and optimize its online customer experience.

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How we did it

To start, we generated an API client based on the OpenAPI specification that Acumatica provides. That was not sufficient, though.

From there, we created the following:

Shawn McCabe, CTO, Acro Commerce

Benefits of an API connector

  • Real-time bi-directional data — Transmit order data bi-directionally between Drupal Commerce and Acumatica back-office software in real time.
  • Product information sync — Display product information in real-time, including Title, Description, Category, Price, Images, and Metadata. 
  • Organized online and offline orders — Online and offline orders automatically sync between Drupal Commerce and Acumatica.
  • Automatic price management — Discounts and promotions created in Drupal Commerce sync to orders in Acumatica.
  • Data Synchronization — Synchronize data from customers, products, sales orders, and more – making Drupal Commerce an extension of Acumatica’s ERP platform.


Seamless product catalogue updates

Synchronized customer data

Harmonized price management

Streamlined order fulfillment

Integrations can make or break your operational performance

Integrations bring possibilities to life for your team:

  • Provide the power of automation.
  • Govern data and security.
  • Enhance performance through microservices and API connections.
  • Leverage current databases.

Application programming interfaces, or APIs, are the cornerstones of great integrations. Building APIs is one of Acro Commerce’s core specialties, with an integration solution for every mainstream system your business uses.

Plus, we can custom-build solutions to integrate with your unique proprietary tools. We’ve got you covered.

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