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Laura Meshen

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8 Digital commerce trends for manufacturing

Digital commerce for manufacturing is more than selling online. In the infographic below, we surveyed top producers to find out how their digital operations stacked up against the industry standards.

Check out the infographic below, or visit our trends spotlight for B2B & manufacturing for more details

manufacturing trends in digital commerce | Acro Media



Our independent research and digital commerce assessment of 100 top manufacturing organizations revealed eight trends. By carefully considering these trends, manufacturers can identify areas of strength, weakness, opportunity and threats in their digital and operational ecosystems.

Learn the top digital commerce trends in manufacturing

Using our insights as a starting point, measure yourself against the industry. See where you stack against peers and identify trends you can take advantage of to give your company the competitive edge. 

Analyzing your operations against these eight digital commerce trends can show you ways to:

  • Bring operational systems together to design process improvements and increase efficiency.
  • Integrate all of your systems, new and old, without having to rip and replace them.
  • Give the same level of attention to your customer experience through true digital commerce.
  • Improve sales tools to free up teams to hunt new accounts.

Ready to learn more about your company’s digital strength? 

Take our digital commerce assessment.

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