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Taylon Culling


Taylon Culling

, VP of Production

Posted in Digital Commerce

August 1, 2023

Agile Project Management at Acro Commerce

Driving Success in Ecommerce Development

Taylon Culling, VP of Production, lends us some insight into the superstars that make Acro Commerce’s projects shine: our Project Managers. 

What is a Project Manager?

A project manager is a critical component of any project, acting as the central figure who plans, organizes, and oversees the successful completion of various tasks. They are the bridge between stakeholders and the project team, ensuring that the project goals align with the expectations and needs of all parties involved.

Project managers work tirelessly to make sure all moving pieces of a project fit together seamlessly. They handle everything from planning and resource allocation to risk management and communication, ensuring all team members understand their roles and responsibilities, and that the project stays on track in terms of time, cost, and quality.

The Critical Role of Project Managers in Development Projects

Project managers (PMs) play a crucial role in web development projects. The dynamic and often unpredictable nature of development projects demands the skills and expertise of PMs to maintain focus, promote collaboration, and adapt to evolving requirements.

PMs ensure the process is smooth and efficient, helping teams navigate through complex tasks, mitigate risks, and adapt to changes quickly and effectively. They foster open communication and promote a shared understanding of the project's objectives among all team members, which is particularly vital in fast-paced, agile environments.

Development projects can become chaotic without effective project management, leading to delays, cost overruns, and subpar results. Therefore, PMs are essential to align all stakeholders, keep the project on track, and, ultimately, drive success.

How Acro Commerce Leverages Project Managers to Improve Client Projects

At Acro Commerce, a leader in ecommerce service solutions, we understand the importance of project management for our client's projects. Our agile methodology, complemented by advanced project management tools, empowers us to deliver superior web development services tailored to our client's unique needs and goals.

Our PMs guide the entire process, breaking down complex projects into manageable tasks using an agile framework. This iterative approach allows us to adapt to changes and ensures the project aligns with evolving business requirements. Organizing our projects into development sprints promotes regular reviews and adjustments, further facilitating adaptability.

We use Jira, a robust project management tool, to streamline task management, promote transparency, and facilitate collaboration. All project details, including tasks, priorities, and progress, are maintained in this centralized platform, promoting accountability and keeping clients in the loop.

Our PMs foster a culture of open communication with regular stand-up meetings, ensuring all team members are aligned, and can promptly address any challenges that arise. Client engagement is highly encouraged throughout the project, enabling real-time feedback and effective decision-making.

Acro Commerce also employs a robust continuous integration practice, where our team conducts thorough reviews to ensure high-quality deliverables. At the end of each sprint, we gather client feedback to fine-tune our process, reinforcing our commitment to client satisfaction.

In a nutshell, the value PMs bring to Acro Commerce is multifold. They ensure efficient collaboration, seamless communication, and successful delivery of projects. They empower our team and clients to work together, adapt to changes, and drive ecommerce growth through high-quality development services.

At Acro Commerce, we firmly believe that project management isn't just about overseeing tasks – it's about fostering relationships, understanding needs, and driving a project toward success. Our project managers are key to this mission, harnessing the power of agile methodologies and tools to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

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